Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day! (This is from before Hawaii!)

Snow day today!
We got approximately 2 inchs of snow every hour. Which doesn't sound like too much....
until there's 3 feet outside your door!

I'm glad it snowed-even though, between you and me, I hate the cold- because as you may know, my family is going to Hawaii this Christmas and's just not the same as having a white Christmas!
The downside is I didn't get to see my friend Nick today, and therefore was unable to recieve a gift he has for me! Ugh, he won't tell me what it is!

And (expierencing his first Buffalo snow storm) Dan is up! To clue you all in, Dan is my older sister's boyfriend. They both attend Grove City College and have been dating for about two-three months now!

Wow. I just realized that all my new blogging friends know pretty much nothing about me!
How do I sumarised this....

I am the youngest of five children.

Amanda is the oldest, and she's the real writer of the family. I've already said how she attends Grove City and she about to graduate from college as an English Major. She's also the beauty of the family! As you can see!

Jake is the second oldest! He's into film and movie making, and he goes to college at Notre Dame! At his college he met Molly, who he is currently dating, and he's studying for another year before graduation! Look at him studying!

Alex is the middle child! He's really smart and is very into the political scope of our nation. He too, is attending Norte Dame, but he's just a freshie and has a while to go! Aubrury, who goes to my high school as a Junior is dating him. There's a big age difference, but they're really perfect for each other.

John is the youngest of the boys, and the second youngest in general! He's an actor, and very good at it too! He's the one who got the lead in the musical this year! I'm so proud of him. Bec, who is a good friend of mine, is dating him and their the same age. It's a cute relationship. Here he is! He's probably texting her in this picture!

And then there's me...but you already know stuff about me.

Oh, also.....I have....
3 dogs: Toby, Danny, and Olly (Pictures are in that order)

3 cats: Alice, Jazz, and Trey (Also in that order)

As well as one horse, two mini horse, and one barn cat!
I don't have pics of them because that would require walking through the snow to my barn!
And I don't own any other pets.....
but there is plenty of friendly wild-life near my house!

Also, just because I couldn't deny any Floridians the pleasure, heres my pictures of the snow!
It's everywhere!

Emma <3

A Life Through Blue Eyes.

I needed some feedback on my latest story idea.
The book's name would be "A Life Through Blue Eyes"
I hope you enjoy it:

I was shocked as my first impression logged the moment subconsciously. A wild, fierce and uncontrollable force gripped me. My stomach twisted in onto itself, I almost gagged. I wanted to jump up from my seat, shrieking as I went, and move. I wanted to melt, I wanted to yell, I wanted to be.

I looked down, noting that my heart rate had risen to a gallop, and tried to compose myself after such a…violent reaction. She herself was wild, though not in any extremely noticeable way. It was just her appearance, her very presence that created an aura of complete freedom. Or a desire for freedom.

Her long, black curls fell staggered on either side of her face, framing her alabaster pale skin. There was no real style to it, and I was dimly reminded of a lion’s mane, spreading in each direction like a regal crown. The pale face was also strange, almost foreign in pure beauty that radiated out like flames that could not be contained. A sharp jaw and a sharp nose sandwiched perfectly blood-red lips. And above the rest, were her eyes.

I felt the incomprehensible urge to move once again. To jump, to scream, to BE.

This girl’s eyes were alive. As much I was alive, as much as the plants and trees and animals on Earth, her eyes were alive. They were the deepest blue and they illuminated the area around her with knowledge and untold secrets.

She stood, towering over our jaw-slacked teacher and in one moment I was sure her eyes saw everything: the stormy-day blue walls, the clashing black and white tiles, the Mahoney desk in the far left corner. She saw every face, every expression, and every soul in the room, with her those blue daggers of eyes.

Then, as soon is it had come, it was over.

Her eyes dimmed slightly, no longer so obviously alien, but still alive with a resigned stare. And she smiled, pulling her lips back to stun me momentarily with snow-white teeth. And she stunned me, and me only. As she smiled, her eyes, on fire once more, locked with mine and I felt like it would be impossible to ever stop staring into those deep, strange, alien eyes…

Has she moved already?

Was she talking?

When had my thoughts become incomprehensible? When I had I lost track of seconds on the clock. If she had not truly pause and stared at me, then why was I sure I’d seen her eyes in the way your can only see them while making eye contact? And she was talking!

“…we just moved here, from Albany, New York. It’s much warmer here. Even if just a little more, it’s still warm in comparison…”

I continued to stare, dazed into silence, at the white board, just barely hearing the conversation between our teacher and this….thing. Even in the haze, however, I did register her voice to be lower than expected. It was not the girly, soprano voice I’d anticipated. Her voice was low, like an adult’s. Each word was articulated perfectly, and she spoke quickly in almost a demanding way. As if she did not have the time to be bothered with such trifle things as speaking.

Was she already sitting? Gone from the front of the room? How long had I been blankly gazing, not really seeing anything as I struggled to regain the shred of composure that now littered the floor about me.

And then I felt the wind, as something moved very close beside me. I turned instinctively, almost wishing I didn’t. Because, while my body moved, I connected the dots; the chair beside me had been the only open one in the room.

And there she was. I didn’t even see her face, just her eyes. It was almost painful to try and keep the eye contact, but I had a feeling that if I didn’t something wrong would happen. Suddenly, without any warning, I feel comfortable and warmth spread through my body, dazing me further.

I was already two steps behind though. The girl had turned to face the teacher, who seemed to be talking. His lips moved, at least, but the warmth plugged my ears and I gawked emptily, trying to read the lips.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Musical Rehearsal!

I had my first musical rehearsal today! Excitement does not even begin to explain these feelings!
It was absolutely amazing!
Learning the songs was so fun....and, surprisingly enough, awkward!

Because one song included lines such as:

"I you like me undressed, to molest...."
as well as my favorite....
"getting matey with gigolos..."

I repeat.

Still, listening to our instructor say "gigolos" over and over again and him saying "let's start at me undressed" was just too humorous to escape giggles for long!
I really like the musical so far!
It's really upbeat and I'm so happy I made it!

That's all for today!
Emma <3

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tears for the Musical!

I cried today.
I got my the results of my auditions.....
I couldn't help myself, honestly!
I told myself I had given it over to God, so I would be ready for anything inside of the envelope that was addressed to me.
But I didn't even really have to even open my letter.

John opened his before I'd even picked up my letter.
With wide eyes he skimmed the snow-white paper. I didn't even have time to blink...

"Emma made it!"
Johnny literally tackled me with a hug.

And so I began to cry. I made it! Something I had not been expecting! I was so happy I cried into my mom's shoulder for a few, good minutes.

And I cried for another reason too...
John received the lead in the musical!
He opened his letter first and could have gotten excited right away because he saw his role.
But I've never seen him so excited like when he saw MY name on that list.

And so I cried harder, because no matter how mean he can be to me, I'll always know he loves me.

Sorry, calming down now....

:] Emma <3

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Musical Audtions.

So internally, and possibly externally, I am shaking.
I can't think straight.
I had my musical audition today.
And I bomb it. Bad.

I felt so confident all today, smiling and laughing, thinking of ways I could make my audition better. I was sooooo excited! Being in a Christian private school for was sad because I didn't get to the chance to be in a musicall! And, although I loved CCA dearly, I was so looking forward to being in a real musical!

My hopes were like a porcelain china cup, perched on the edge of the table....waiting for the smallest of nudges to tip it towards its demise.

Yep. I'm full of metaphors now.
Like the nerves.
My ultimate arch-enemy, the one thing I knew would thwart me!

But they snuck up so quietly.

Like a candle, burning slowly to the inevitable blackout.

I was so happy. So ready. So confident.
But the moment I stood on that stage my brain fell out that back of my head.
Needless to say, it was horrible.

I feel a little better now though. It feels good to get that all out. So I'm going to keep praying, keep trusting God. Hopefully, somehow they'll decide I wasn't too horrible that I couldn't make it! All I'm asking for is a chorus part!

But right now I just have to trust Him: he gives me strength when I am weak.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm going to KILL Mia!

So, yeah....we had the greatest photo shoot yesterday! It was only:
1. Cloudy and windy
2. 15 degrees
3. and the ground was covered in that white fluffy stuff called snow!

I am going to MURDER Mia! Or at least maim her!
Or embarrass her.
Oh, that's a good one.
I'll embarrass her bad.

At least we look pretty!
But we also look cold!
Very.....veryyyyyyyyy cold!
Ok, I'm done.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Help! I got photo shot!

Mia's here!
The cousins are in and they've brought their cameras, throw-up, and game boys! Despite be stalked in my own house by Anna, every thing's pretty smooth and fun! Yesterday, I stood (and sat) grumbling and mumbling while Mia took my pictures. My first photo shoot!
Here's a few of my favorites:

I WAS trying to look serious for this one, but Mia made me laugh!

Mia loves this one, but it's not my favorite.

Upside down photos are so much fun!

Moon and Sun.

The cousins!

Black and white!

Cute! Right?
Mia is so hesitant to have the ones of her up here.
Maybe someday she'll figure out how gorgeous she is!
Until then I'll just keep telling her!
Well, our little inside joke now is that we're "moon and sun." She's the pale, blue-eyed beauty (from sunny Florida) and I'm the exotic, tanned, and dark-eyed hottie (from winterly Buffalo!).
Don't we look so awesome together!
It's so hard to believe we're related sometimes!
But yeah, Anna also had a debut in our photo shoot! :

She's such a cutie! Same with the rest of the Haltons! Except I should probably refer to Jackson as "handsome." He IS almost a teenager!
But he'll always be the little toddler that "wants his pink bubblegum!" to me! :]
That's all for now!
Well, until Mia drags me off for more pictures!

Emma <3

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Teenage Writer

So, I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I really don't know how it works. I got this idea from my cousin, Mia. Except she's like twenty times better at this than I am! But anyways, I'm pretty sure that this is kinda like a diary, except expressed towards other people, which is great because I write a lot.
I want to be an English major in college because I just can't stop writing. My imagination is like an itch that you just HAVE to scratch. You don't want to scratch it, because then it will just keeping itching after a few seconds of momentarily relief, but you'd rather take the relief for only a few seconds than for none.
Same with me.
When my imagination spits out another story, it's almost impossible for me to not write it! I sits there, like that itch, and progresses from an intro paragraph for a short story, into a whole novel that I have planned out from start to finish! So I almost always end up writing or typing it up.
Now, you're probably wondering that, if I supposedly type all my brilliant ideas, why don't I have a finished book that I'm trying to get published? Easy answer. I told you I started books, I never said I finished them. I play sports almost year round and have just started school at a new public school, so right now, academics and sports (and boys) are the things constantly on my mind! I never can follow through on idea that, even after they're in my trash pile, I have to admit would have made great books.
I'm hoping the inconstancy will wane with time. Probably not though.
So there you are, I just gave the run down on my obsessive hobby. And the worst part of it is that I love reading too! I REALLY love it! But every time I read a new book, my imagination starts kicking in. And there's an itch again. The cycle is always constant: book, imagination, writing, giving up, book, imagination.....
It's tough to be a teenage writer.