Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have fallen in love with another musical. This obsession is almost as deep as my Wicked obsession was. I saw Aida for the first time yesterday and two of my friends were starring as leads. It...was...amazing!

Aida is a musical that takes place an ancient times at the peak of the Egyptian Empire. I captain of the Egyptian army, Radames, is at the height of his career. He sails the Nile "
discovering" and enslaving nations. His greatest passions are these expeditions. The nation the Egypt is at war with is Ethiopia and the Radames collects slaves from every village he conquers. Radames' men capture women who were standing by the Nile and bring them to Radames. That is the first time he meets Aida, a bold, brass woman. Radames has never met anyone like her and gives her special treatment, unaware that Aida is actually the Ethiopian princess. He falls in love with her, of course, which is forbidden, especially because he is to be married to the Egyptian princess and succeed the Pharaoh. Radames is torn between his love of Aida and his loyalty to his people. But Aida slowly teaches him the other side of the war and about how her people feel.

It really is a beautiful love story and I won't give anything up because I hope some of you will go see it someday. My friends, Kyle and Adela, played Radames and the Egyptian Princess, Amneris. They both did a fantastic job!

Now that I've seen this once, I want to see it again. Maybe on Broadway this time! Also, I really want to be in Aida next year so I'm hoping my high school will do it. Who knows?!

-Emma <3

Saturday, March 20, 2010

AP Physics

I think I've vaguely complained about AP Physics before, but now I'll elaborate.
My class is amazing though! It's full of really funny people who tell awesome jokes and will sing Disney princess songs with me! Yup, we are the AP-Disney-Physics-Joke-Princess nerds. So awesome.

But the course work really is hard, I don't understand half of it! I've got a test Monday and even if I study I'm going to fail! Although, I generally don't study....or do my homework....or classwork....ok, I know what you're thinking. "She's complaining but she doesn't do anything!"
But I do! Sometimes.
Really I'm just not cut out it. I hate math and therefore I hat Physics! Why I took this stupid class I will never understand! UGH!

-Emma <3

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrown Under the Bus....literally

I love driving. I really do. I dislike driving with my mother commenting everything, on roads where people drive stupidly. I really do.
Not much I can do about it though. My will inevitably be in the car and people will be stupid on the roads sometimes......a lot of the time. But still, not much I can change. I can't change the law or the other people or my mother. BUT I WISH I COULD!
My ranting is officially over....

The figure of speech that the title refers to is also a part of my life today....well not really. I didn't get pushed into any sort of blame, but I am to blame and was scolded for this.
You see, I'm in Chorale. It is the top spot in my school's music system, the best-of-the-best singers and somehow, miraculously, I managed to get in. This is my first year in it and Chorale still has it's cult-ish and pompous feel to it, but this year it doesn't really deserve it. No one is doing the homework and no one is learning the parts. We still sound good, but any chorus can just sound good. We need to sound great because we should great and we can sound great. I've looked forward to Chorale since I was in 6th grade and it's great, I have lots of friends and's just not what i expected it to be.
So today, the seniors of Chorale confronted everyone, including themselves. Things need to change, and I'll do my best to do my part, but it's just sad.....we only have 2, maybe 3 months left together. I wanted Chorale to be great this year, all of this year. Maybe if I had put a little more into it myself it could have been like that. Maybe not. Either way, I hope Chorale becomes more Chorale-like these last few weeks. And next year, if I'm still in it, I hope I can carry on the traditions, the fun, and the love of making music. That's all.

-Emma <3

Monday, March 15, 2010

Man of La Mancha

Hey! It's been a while since I posted something, but my computer crashed recently so it's legit!
This past Saturday was the last night of my musical: Man of La Mancha! It was amazing (of course) and my friend/prom date Colin Mann did an amazing job as the lead! I really love his voice, but I love Aubrey's more! Aubrey was the lead girl part and she was FANTASTIC! She must have a lot of hidden anger because she was a perfect irate wench! :D
I'll really miss this musical a lot, and I'll definately miss being a boy!
Yup.....that's right......I was a boy in our musical! Which was lots of fun!.......until I wrapped my chest.........ouchie.
But still I loved it! I made some amazing friends and I truly hope I'll have a part next year!
Nothing else is new other than that, although I'm freaking out about things like APs, SATs, Prom, and colleges. Just a normal teenager for ya....
Well, yeah I'm pretty much out of things to say....I mean the super amazing Colin did ask me to prom, which I think I already stated, but i don't know.....I think he just wanted to get it out of the way and go with someone safe. I'm just kinda super nervous around him because of his stiff personality and I always says stupid things.....once again, normal teenager.
well that's all for now! :DDDDD

-Emma <3