Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am overwhelmed with shtuff.....
Oh, and hi! It's been a while!
But yeah, I'm about to be hurdled into to May where SATs, APs, Kennys, and Prom await me! It's not that bad; SATs are proving to be easier than expected and APs are all about studying. Still...studying is not the way I'd like to start May, and my SATs on May 1st are definitely not appreciable.
I guess everything else is fine. I'm babysitting a bordie collie named Theo. I have three bordie collies and Theo looks strangely similar to our dog, Toby. He's a little neurotic though, and has a variety of odd quirks. Overall he's a nice dog, but it is very obvious that he is a spoiled only-child. He shares the house with a black cat, Mia, and a bird (I don't know which type), Lily. Lily has a couple of eggs and refuses to stop sitting on them (she doesn't have a mate so they won't hatch) and Mia is the biggest cuddlebug I've ever met. I really love the house and I enjoy spending uninterrupted hours there. It's nice for SAT studying....or for TV ;)
Also, the nice part of the job is that I ride my bike to the house (it's about a mile and a half away). It's kind of tiring, but enjoyable, and I'm getting a lot of exercise!
I got to dance with Colin at a Homecoming Dance. He was very suave, holding out his hand and saying, "We need to practice for Prom." I never really knew what a slow dance was before that...he held me so close and we just rocked back and forth. Plus, he's so tall! It was the best slow dance ever!
Well, I guess I should go study....or watch TV :D
Adios, chicos!

-Emma <3