Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have fallen in love with another musical. This obsession is almost as deep as my Wicked obsession was. I saw Aida for the first time yesterday and two of my friends were starring as leads. It...was...amazing!

Aida is a musical that takes place an ancient times at the peak of the Egyptian Empire. I captain of the Egyptian army, Radames, is at the height of his career. He sails the Nile "
discovering" and enslaving nations. His greatest passions are these expeditions. The nation the Egypt is at war with is Ethiopia and the Radames collects slaves from every village he conquers. Radames' men capture women who were standing by the Nile and bring them to Radames. That is the first time he meets Aida, a bold, brass woman. Radames has never met anyone like her and gives her special treatment, unaware that Aida is actually the Ethiopian princess. He falls in love with her, of course, which is forbidden, especially because he is to be married to the Egyptian princess and succeed the Pharaoh. Radames is torn between his love of Aida and his loyalty to his people. But Aida slowly teaches him the other side of the war and about how her people feel.

It really is a beautiful love story and I won't give anything up because I hope some of you will go see it someday. My friends, Kyle and Adela, played Radames and the Egyptian Princess, Amneris. They both did a fantastic job!

Now that I've seen this once, I want to see it again. Maybe on Broadway this time! Also, I really want to be in Aida next year so I'm hoping my high school will do it. Who knows?!

-Emma <3

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