Sunday, February 28, 2010


My knee is killing me right now. Yesterday I fell 3 times while skiing, the first times I've fallen in about 4-5 years. And it was the last day of ski club :P no fun...

But my good guy friend Chris helped me out all night and got me back on my feet again. Whereas, my "good guy friend" Nick flirted crazily with 3 girls. Wow, I can't believe I use to like him. But I got over it by falling asleep on Chris on my way home and he actually fell asleep on me too! Which made it slightly difficult to reach my phone when my mother called me later. But still, lots of funness. (is that a word?)

I also had musical practice yesterday. Musical practice: 9-3. I wanted to kill myself. Until I realized.....Ski Club: 3-12......and then I did kill myself. Figuratively. Because, obviously, I'm still alive.

Well, today's the last day to enroll for the Washington Youth Program for journalism and media. I guess I'll give the sales pitch to my mom and dad tonight and hopefully be heading out on June 27th. We'll see how that goes :/

Ok, also, I've found an opportunity to rejoin soccer! And I won't have to be with the Soccer Witches (as I call them) that pretty much chased me off the last team! But I might have to play them......I hope we kick their butts. In Godly and sportmenship ways of course.... :D

I can't think of much else I want to say, plus the wedding planner is here and I, as the Maid of Honor, must go assist in planning. (it's super boring! :P ).

Ta-ta for now!
-Emma <3

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Abigail said...

I sympathize with the whole falling thing, I wiped out last time I did ski club. Of course it was right under the ski lift. :)