Thursday, February 25, 2010

Singing Sharpies

Okay, despite the mislead in the the title, I did not manage to make Sharpies sing. I did, however, write all over the set for our school's musical in colored Sharpies. Not as intense, but still intense.
The lead in our musical is a guy I might be going with to prom. Okay, I hope he's taking me to prom. Oh yeah and...
Alright, I'm calm again. Back to the boy.

Pros: Great morals (only loosely Christian though), amazingly handsome, kind, funny, protective and sweet!!!!!

Cons: Dating a girl currently, dating this girl just because (he doesn't even like her), and I think my friend Sarah secretly likes him....

It's pretty complicated......oh and I forgot to add.......his voice is like an angels, NO exaggeration!

But more than prom and boys are in my life, I promise. I'm currently struggling through AP Physics, while excelling in AP English. The rest of my grades are basic (92,95,93), except for Spanish (98) :D
Ummmmm...other than that, there's not much. My older camp friend and I just got close again, which is awesome. We text everyday, and it's awesome to wake up to a "hey beautiful." :DDD
Oh! And I'm also considering a summer journalism camp in Washington. It sounds like fun and like it'd be a good experience, but I'm nervous to be away from home for so long. (only a week, but i won't know anyone)

Well, that's about it right now....idk, I'll tell more later if there's anything to tell. ;)
Love to all my peeps!
-Emma <3

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